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To ensure that your products can keep up with the fast changing industry and meet all expectations, we at StorexWeb conduct quality assurance checks from the very start of the development process. This saves time and cost, allowing us to deliver to our clients the very best product.

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In Summary

The quality of your product is our topmost priority. With an extensive quality assurance and test automation process, we ensure that we are able to cater to that priority through every stage of development.

Why is this important?

Quality Assurance Tests are a critical step that optimize the development and design process by ensuring that bugs in any new features that are being implemented are caught and catered to early on thus preventing our clients from incurring any additional costs. Through regular and rigorous testing throughout the development cycle, our team ensures that we test for product quality every step of the way, preventing any delays or losses and providing only the best to our clients.

Our Service Offering

Software development that is secure, sustainable and high performing for reliable digital solutions.

What is QA?

Quality Assurance or QA ensures that we can provide a consistently high standard of performance for both external and internal processes over the course of software development. Our QA team tests new products and features once these have been formulated by developers, testing for any errors that may occur in implementation. In this manner, the QA team coordinates with the design and development teams to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality and consistently performs to expectations.

Why is QA important?

Quality assurance allows us to present our customers with the most reliable and high-performing software.  our customers with the best possible software. With our high quality software that has been validated through repeated QA tests, you can ensure not only that your users have a smooth and enjoyable experience but also that they trust your platform and are likely to use it again in the future boosting your performance and brand.

Benefits of QA

In our current process, with continuous and rigorous QA testing and the involvement of software developers from the very start, we are able to easily avoid major issues or bugs from cropping up later during roll-out. This ensure that our client save on costs, time and friction with customers and employees. This is an advantage and convenience for our clients that we heavily promote and endorse. The earlier we are able to pick up on an issue, the easier it is to fix it and the lower the collateral damage for our clients as a result. With our continuous quality assurance testing program, we ensure that mistakes are caught early in the development process improving not just the quality of the end product but also the delivery time and cost.

Our QA Services

Regardless of the type of development, our expert QA team is highly trained and experienced in a wide range of testing tools and methods. 

With a combined expertise of both manual and automation testing, we ensure that the end product is of the highest quality and meets all your business needs including functional testing to ensure that the software performs its relevant task. Non functional testing is also conducted to check user experience beyond functional uses and enable us to deliver the best product to you.

A quick and reliable method to conduct regular testing, test automation allows us to conduct tests in a variety of complex situations, saving time and space compared to manual testing. Manual testing still remains an important part of our processes and is deployed heavily but test automation enables us to uncover issues before roll-out and implementation.

In order to ensure that your data is secure, we need to respond quickly to any critical developments-this is where test management comes in. Through test management, we can track all necessary requirements and use cases so the quality of the project is consistently monitored and the root cause of issues can be determined as soon as possible.

Our QA Packages

Through prevention, you can ensure that you are prepared for the worst case scenario. In order to accomplish this, we implement test automation from the very start. At StorexWeb, we can come up with an extensive plan to ensure that your software is protected and you are informed every step of the way.

In the midst of an emergency, we provide immediate help with an extensive problem identification and analysis and highlight the next actionable step to correct any errors that may have occurred.. We can also train your team to ensure that in the case of a disruption, you are fully equipped to handle any errors or issues. In the worst cases, our disaster management team will ensure that you are back on track to achieve your business goals.

Remove the extra steps in your QA process. Transition to test automation as soon as possible with our support.

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