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A great user experience design is a must for a product that users will love and want to use. Rely on our UX experts to help you with strategy, research & analysis, design & testing when creating or enhancing your digital products.

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What is UX design

UX Design (user experience design) is a set of processes and activities aimed at designing a digital product that an end-user finds easy to use or navigate and is delighted to interact with.

In order to make that happen, we first must answer critical questions. Who is your target audience? How do they think? How can your business and brand be translated into a digital product for them? It is with UX design that we find answers to these questions. A great UX design must, therefore, offer 3 things — intelligent problem-solving, excellent usability and a product that users can easily identify.


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User experience design at StorexWeb

To make digital applications successful, we set user-centricity as a standard for our projects.


From UX research to testing — the whole process

Our team covers all stages of a digital product design process. This involves market research, user analysis, design (sketching, wireframing, prototyping), design testing & validation.


One of the biggest design teams in Italy

To illustrate, usually there are one or two designers in a software company. At StorexWeb we have a dedicated team of 15 designers.


Cross-functional team working closely with developers

By having designers and developers working closely together from the beginning, you save time, money and get a product your users love to use.

Our services in UX design

Whether you already have a fleshed-out brand or are still at the beginning stages of your business, we can step in at any point and design the product you envision.


Digital Product Design

Designing a product means much more than just creating screens and wireframes. It is about creating an entire overarching concept for multiple platforms. The goal is one cohesive experience & the sense of familiarity, wherever and whenever the product is used.


Hi-fi Click Dummies

Before finishing the design and doing final touch-ups, we create click dummies — partly interactive prototypes of an application. They represent a crucial tool not only for conducting user tests and improving the design but also to provide our development teams with a good basis for translating visuals into code.


Digital Branding

The entirety of a product’s design hinges on the brand that stands behind it. We can develop an entirely new brand or refine an existing one and devise strategies on how they can be best represented in digital applications.


User Interface Design

After defining a visual style for a product, user interface design’s role is to ensure the branding is consistently applied across all screens of a product together with its components and UI elements. This is an important stage where additional things have to be conceptualized or existing ones reworked.

What is DesignOps

The way we design is founded on a set of best practices and processes we call DesignOps. Its goal is to introduce procedures from software development to design processes and thereby optimize them. This approach brings significant improvements to three major aspects of design:



How designers collaborate between each other and with different departments



Standardizing and consistently applying workflows, principles, tools and systems



What are the conditions for the project and its success, what metrics are important for the team and how can success be measured and defined

Why is UX Design so important?

In today’s digital landscape, no product is successful by coincidence. All the apps that we love using and that enjoy great popularity have one thing in common: their focus on user experience. To design great user experience means to adapt a product to the needs of the user — to put the user first. In order to do that, there are many steps that need to be taken before getting to the actual UX design.



Defining the user experience strategy of a product really means defining the product itself. At this stage, it is our task to turn vague ideas into tangible requirements and determine basic facts such as target audience and the unique selling proposition. What exactly is the scope of the project? What concrete benefits can better UX bring to your product? These are vital questions that need to be answered before we can get started with the fieldwork.


Research & Analysis

Despite being one of the most important elements of a successful product, user research is unfortunately often neglected by many companies. It is our belief that it is the key to create long-lasting success and that is why we have made it one of our pillars of our UX approach. Understanding exactly how the user interacts with any given system and what his expectations are is crucial to designing an intuitive application that even in the most complex of environments feels simple to use. There are many tools to conduct the initial research such as questionnaires, market analyses and customer experience mapping.



Once we have conducted the research and, if we are working on an existing product, determined what can be improved, the next step is the actual design of the user experience. At the outset, this means laying out the information architecture and user flows of the product and creating user stories. Using these, we design wireframes and clickdummies to have a prototype that can be tested and iteratively improved upon.



Testing user experience is not a one-off task that is taken care of after having done it once. It is part of a process cycle with which we continuously improve the UX of the projects we work on. There are different approaches and strategies in order to test the user experience of any given product depending on its size and target audience. These can range from A/B testing over personal interviews with users to mass testing online. We analyse various metrics obtained from these tests to further enhance the product’s UX.

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