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User experience truly defines the way consumers view and interact with your product. Use our expertise in UI UX to gain access to high quality design and user research and craft the most optimal experience for your consumers.

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Design is a key tenant of the consumer’s experience of a product or service and we are committed to working with our clients to ensure that each step of their journey is reflected in the quality of design and user experience that we prepare for them. Through a focus on constant coordination with our clients, their users and our experts, we hope to provide a service that not only meets but exceeds all expectations

Our Services

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Research & Testing

  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Market & Product Research

Technology Consulting

Accessibility & Inclusive Design
Accessibility & Inclusive Design
UX Writing
UX Writing
Scoping & Requirements Engineering
Scoping & Requirements Engineering
Information Architecture
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Interaction Design
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Visual Design

  • User Interface Design
  • Design Systems
  • Digital Branding

Research & Testing

We garner key insights on user behavior, preferences and pain points  after making use of multiple observation techniques, testing, and feedback methodologies to build the ideal solution for you and your consumer.
Being in touch with customer needs is critical in order to create winning user-centered products and services.  In order to unearth exactly what is required, we talk to users and observe their engagement with the product ,test products and different variations to get a sense of what works best. With the information gathered from extensive testing with users, we are able to create a sophisticated user experience that is based on real and verifiable data and your progress as a result of our partnership can be measured with the shift in your KPIs.

User experience design

With the support of our UX designers, UX writers and software developers, you can craft  human-centered digital experiences that engage customers and are easy to navigate allowing you to find the ideal digital solution and grow your business.
The digital products or services offered to your customers are critical to the growth and success of your business in both the long and short term. Armed with insights from research, we are able to identify exactly who the target customer is and how to cater to their needs using conceptual models and content design strategies that win in implementation.
We can take you from identifying and understanding the problem, through ideation, to product delivery, regardless of the lifecycle stage your product is in. Thanks to our iterative approach to product development and refinement, cooperation with us works well for your team, makes your customers’ lives easier and grows your business.

Visual design

Visual design is a critical factor for the success of your product. A product that is memorable and easy to use always ensures that users are retained and enjoy their experience. In the fast growing and ever changing digital landscape creating a sound and high quality visual design has become the need of the hour.
With visual design, you have the power to control how users perceive your brand. With an interface that perfectly reflects the values and ethos that make up your brand, we create an unforgettable connection with your consumers. Our design system offering enables you to cut down costs, scale products and speed up development so your needs are met.

Design consulting

Leverage our expertise in user experience and design to find solutions to current problems, explore new or optimize your product’s existing features and establish design processes within your own team.
By utilizing our experience is user design you can find robust and sustainable solutions to existing problems, train your team and optimize your product in terms of user engagement.
Using the ideal design tools and thinking from key design principles with user experience in mind, you can optimize the kind of engagement consumers have with your platforms. Our products are high successful not simply because of their visual features but also because they are completely customized to your users and their needs.
Our airtight process of innovating in ideation, testing through prototypes and involving users every step of the way allows us to build products that are guaranteed to win with users and formulate ideas that are ambitious yet reliable.

Why us?


Our method is exhaustive, covering all the needed aspects of the design process from market research to design and testing.


With a entire dedicated team of designers that oversee a variety of related areas such as UX research to UX writing and visual design, we ensure that our team can services all your relevant needs.

Cross Functionality

Our designers and developers work in unison allowing you to save on cost and time and ensure that the final product is perfectly designed.

Client Testimonials

“StorexWeb participated in SpeakME’s projects from the beginning. They began with rigorous documentation and in fact the next phase after documentation, they created a very sound prototype. Their expertise in UX / UI Design was evident in proposed graphics and cleared any doubts about the final outcome of the project.”

John Doe SpeakMe

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