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Take the guessing & experimenting out of the game and make the right decision regarding the latest tech stack, software development, UX/UI design, and digital product development. Let’s evaluate your options or make the right choice together.

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These days, the development of a new digital product calls for numerous requirements and expectations to be addressed. Software should be functional, modern, fast, bug-free, adapted to users’ needs and visually appealing. To fulfill all these criteria, a consulting partner with extensive know-how in various disciplines is often needed. That’s where we come into play.

Our consulting services

Whatever you may need help with, we can support you in various areas with concrete concepts, analysis and recommendations with a degree of involvement that suits you.


Product strategy & prototyping

Together we analyse your product vision in workshops and all the requirements that come with it and thereby formulate a concrete plan for its realization. This involves requirement analyses, requirement engineering, working out a user story map and finally defining the first sensible MVP which allows you to gather feedback from real users as fast as possible. Moreover, we can visualise your product idea with moodboards, wireframes and initial screen design in the form of an InVision prototype.


Analysis of legacy software and modernization

We analyse your existing software and deliver a concept for switching to a more modern tech stack that will facilitate more efficient maintenance, easier future development, increased reliability and state-of-the-art security. Crucial to that process is also an update of the UX and retirement of legacy features which your product might no longer need. The goal is the creation of a requirement catalogue, a review of potential alternative architectures and technologies and a strategy for the migration of the existing system. In a later step, we can optionally provide a detailed estimation of effort and costs required for the redevelopment and a timeline for its realization.


Technology consulting & coaching

Are you unsure about the choice of the right tech stack or do you need help for a particular technology? Our in-house experts will gladly advise you on your decision-making process and show you which configuration is suitable for your product. We can furthermore provide your developers with help in certain technologies and coach them during the development process with recommendations and code reviews.


UX/UI review & user testing

Our UX experts closely examine your product and analyse which aspect can be improved in terms of user experience. The result is an extensive review document, which contains a prioritized list of recommendations for possible improvements of the UX. It is furthermore possible to utilize user testing where we conduct interviews with your users. Thanks to those, we can accurately identify the pain points of your target audience and ascertain how your product can harness its full potential.


Test management and test automation

Punctual and flawless releases that are on budget require a robust and rigorous QA system. However, it is not uncommon that such a system is either not present or could be markedly improved. With our expertise in automation testing, manual testing and test management, we can assist you in setting up or tweaking the QA infrastructure that is right for you and that boosts the automation and quality of all kinds of tests (performance, UI, regression, etc.)

Technology & design consulting at StorexWeb

Benefit from the latest know-how and our 15 years of experience in IT industry.


External view

Our teams of experts with more than 15 years of experience and broad industry knowledge ensure a steep learning curve. Thanks to the latest technologies, they drive innovations through proof of concepts and develop your Minimum Viable Product.


International project experience

Rely on the highest adherence to deadlines — we deliver results. In this way, we shorten the time-to-market and ensure that you can meet internal deadlines. We communicate transparently and can act flexibly as consultants, implementers or project partners.


Competitive edge

Instead of trying to keep up with the market, rely on our experienced consultants to provide you with knowledge about the latest trends & technologies in the software industry.

Our approach to consulting

When an external company provides consulting, it serves as a great advantage if that company is well versed in all aspects of digital product development. That is what distinguishes our approach: the years of practical experience in software development as well as UX design with which we help our clients achieve breakthroughs in their market. Here’s what comes in addition to our consulting services.


The right know-how

Possessing a variety of skills is of great importance — by combining software development, DevOps, QA and design, your consulting partner can save you a lot of time and trouble. It’s important to point out, however, that the quality of the consulting itself is higher when all these disciplines are gathered at one source. Coordinating design and development so that they harmonize becomes far easier thanks to the continuous exchange of information between the two teams. This exchange also facilitates the creation of sensible and sustainable concepts.


The right mindset

Consulting should be more than just an auxiliary element. It is essential for consulters to see themselves not merely as somebody with know-how, but also to strive to put themselves in the position of your company and market and contribute to the conception of the product with critical questions. That is what we have taken to heart, which is why work with you as co-creator on whichever aspects of your business can benefit from our expertise. Our goal is to lead you to the product that your users really need.

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