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You have an idea:

You've discovered a business requirement. It may be a problem or a possibility, but how should it be approached?
  We can be your guide.
We listen and learn before pointing the way. Use our assessment to define the project and shape it to meet the demands of your company. Lay out the project's scope in front of you. And you'll always know what's coming up, when it'll happen, and how much it'll cost. Every step is a success.

It is a new start-up or an established company:

You know where you're heading, but how do you get there? We will investigate every aspect of the market environment, determine the areas you wish to expand into, and examine the rivals that stand in our way. We will amaze you with novel ways and introduce you to technologies that will bring you where you want to go. Fuelled by  creativity, innovation, and passion, we create products that will charm not just you, but also your ultimate customers.

Learn about our capabilities:

You desire the best product possible, to have the feeling that everything is running without friction. UI/ UX. SaaS products. Automations. You name it. We make it. And our custom software development elevates your product to new heights. We make certain that both installation and configuration go as smoothly as possible. We are with you every step of the way, monitoring efficiency and performance through data analysis, client feedback, and routine checks. And we will keep on monitoring and helping you for as long as you need.

Our services in detail

To help our clients create & build new digital products and services, or improve & upgrade existing ones, we need to combine various disciplines, technologies, tools and frameworks. We combine them individually and offer expertise & support in these areas:

Consulting Services


Digital Business Consulting

Digital product conception
Project management
Steering committees
Digital business models
AI / business intelligence


Technology Consulting

Frontend / backend / mobile development consulting
Security consulting (threat modeling workshops, source code audits)
Quality assurance
System architecture consulting
DevOps Consulting (cloud strategy)


Design Consulting

Strategic design (DesignOps, CX & Service design strategy)
Product thinking (human-centered design)
UX consulting
Accessibility & inclusive design consulting
Design workshops (design sprints, innovation workshops)

User Experience & Design


Research &

User research (qualitative & quantitative)
User testing (formative & summative evaluations, usability testing, UX expert review)
Market & product research


User Experience Design

Accessibility & inclusive design; UX writing
UX scoping & requirements engineering
Information architecture
Interaction design


Visual Design

User interface design
Design systems
Digital branding


Design Consulting

Custom Software Development


Frontend Development

Angular / React / Vue


Backend Development

Node.js / Java / PHP / Go / Python / Databases (SQL, NoSQL, Elastic Search)


Mobile Development

Native app development
Cross-platform development (Flutter)



Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure)
Automated security checks
Kubernetes & containerization


Quality Assurance

Test automation (with or without AI)
Manual testing


Agile Project Management

Requirements engineering
Agile methodologies
Product owner


Data science & Computer Vision


Technology Consulting

Our client Projects

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What our clients say

"This experience far exceeds my experience with other companies. From a technical point, it was outstanding. They also generate great ideas."

Red Bull Media House Project Manager

"We are thrilled to work with storexweb as they provide an integrated approach between UI/UX and engineering. This allowed our engineers to implement a user experience that created emotional attachment and more human experience."

Søren Eilertsen CEO

"The experts brought in by storexweb showed exemplary commitment, perseverance, a solution-driven attitude as well as seniority that can facilitate the business decisions also on the client side."

Mikko Knuuttila Intrapreneur

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