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Find out more about advantages, perks and benefits that StorexWeb employees enjoy.

Careers / Benefits

Happy & healthy employees = loyal and productive employees.
The physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is, therefore, one of our number 1 priorities. To keep them as happy and as healthy as possible, we’re offering competitive salaries, flexible working hours, and an awesome range of work & health benefits and promotions. Find out more about each of them below.

Work benefits

  • home office, flexible working hours & compensatory time off (CTO)
  • continuous learning
  • modern equipment & latest tech-stack
  • relocation assistance
  • US business trips & StorexWeb team events
  • transparency, honesty and mutual appreciation
  • experience team
  • culture club
  • employee discounts & StorexWeb merch store
  • Welcome Day for new employees

*Benefits may vary based on location.

Health promotion

  • free healthy snacks
  • ergonomic workstation
  • biweekly yoga seessions
  • business runs & marathons
  • regular medical checkups
  • workplace mental wellbeing initiatives & programs

Home office, flexible working hours & CTO

Being able to work when and where they want (i.e., from office or home) does not only make our employees more productive but it also helps to establish, improve and maintain a better work-life balance. Another important factor is the possibility to take up to 20 days off (in addition to 25 days of paid vacation a year) as compensation for overtime hours in case things get very busy.

Modern equipment & latest tech-stack

Choose your own laptop, desk & devices. Make use of the latest tech – React, Angular, NodeJS, Swift, WebGL, Kotlin, Docker and more.

Continuous learning

By establishing StorexWeb Academy, introducing Communities of Practice (CoPs) and organizing boot camps, we constantly encourage ongoing and continuous learning throughout the company and integrate it into our everyday work. However, we know that external programs and education are just as important as the internal ones. That’s why our employees have the opportunity to attend international conferences & trainings such as ReactiveConf, dotJS, AppBuilders, UXLx or become certified in a topic of their choice (e.g., ISTQB®).

US business trips & StorexWeb team events

Before the outbreak of pandemic, our team used to frequently visit American metropoles like San Francisco, Seattle and Santa Monica to connect and work with our international clients. We were also having regular team events, throwing Christmas & birthday parties together and enjoying our office life very much. During the last 18 months we were, of course, working remotely and are now looking forward to slowly getting back to “normal life” again. We decided, however, to keep the fully flexible work model and our employees can continue to work from home if they want to.

Relocation assistance

Moving to a new country is challenging in many ways. In case you decide to come to Italy to work at StorexWeb, we will give our best to make your transition as smooth and as easy as possible. We’ll handle the work permit (RWR card) application for you, cover your travel expenses, provide you with all necessary information, offer free Italian courses and help out as much as we can.

Transparency, honesty and mutual appreciation

Once a year we carry out an extensive employee survey which serves as a pulse check and enables us to create a work environment where our employees can feel their best and grow continuously. To keep them in the loop regarding projects and company development, we set up monthly and quarterly staff meetings with business updates. To show appreciation and foster personal growth there are individual and group feedback sessions as well as annual or semiannual performance reviews.

Culture club

Company culture has always been among our top priorities, but the global pandemic has made it extremely difficult to connect on a personal level, organize team events and simply meet face to face. For this reason, we gathered a group of people (cross-team) who are dealing with work culture topics (such as bringing positive vibes to the office & showing appreciation by introducing our Wall of Fame), discussing work culture improvements (e.g., onboarding of new employees) and generally strengthening team spirit in times of remote working.

Experience team

To take care of topics that strengthen our culture even more and that allow us to interact more with each other on a social level we set up the Employee Exprience Team. They initiate and organize regular events (such as pub quizzes, virtual parties, etc.) to maintain company culture even when we’re mainly working remotely.

Employee Discounts

StorexWeb employees have an access to the major corporate benefits platform in Italy through which they get coupons and discounts for 500+ shops, ranging from food and home goods, to travel, fashion, electronics, etc..

StorexWeb Merch Store

Instead of giving them random StorexWeb-branded items, we set up our own StorexWeb online shop for which our employees receive vouchers. We also expanded our merch range, so it now includes StorexWeb Soft-wear (t-shirts, hoodies, jackets), sportswear, phone case, water bottle, etc., so all employees can choose themselves what they want to get and wear.

Welcome Day for new employees (1x/quarter)

We know that starting a new job is difficult, that’s why we try to make our newly hired employees feel welcome & as comfortable as possible from day one. Apart from the technical and team support, they also get a “cultural mentor” who helps them to socialize and to get to know how less formal things work here at StorexWeb Interactive. After some time (depending on the time they started) new employees are invited to the Welcome Day where they get to know all departments and teams, followed by a staff meeting and a welcome party.

Healthy snacks

Fresh fruits, healthy cereal mixes, nuts and organic teas we provide our employees with are not just mood-boosting, but they also help to maintain proper glucose levels and promote healthier eating habits in general.

Regular medical checkups

Although we do have fresh fruits in the office every day, we know that it takes a lot more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Under the motto “prevention is better than cure” we invite health professionals and organize regular health check-ups for our employees. From functional movement screening to eye exams & vaccinations, we try to prevent common health issues that people working on computers usually experience.

Ergonomic workstation

Employees working in the IT sector spend about 8 hours sitting at their desks every day. That is why we extremely care about an appropriate work setup. To ensure they feel as comfortable as possible and maintain good posture, our employees can choose from a range of ergonomic chairs, adjustable tables and they get the keyboard, mouse and headphones they prefer to use.

Workplace mental wellbeing initiatives & programs

Mental wellbeing plays a big part in preserving our health and keeping a good work-life balance. For that reason, we have established ongoing cooperation with occupational psychologists and an external counselor. Not only do they teach us how to cope with stress and stay resilient during tough times (especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which has disrupted our way of living and working in so many ways) but also offer individual counseling for stress- and work-related issues.

Biweekly yoga sessions

One of the ways we are improving and preserving our physical and mental wellbeing is through regular yoga practice. Be it in the park in summer, in the office during the winter, or in the home office during the lockdown, we are not missing our yoga sessions twice a week. Benefits are countless — from relaxation and stress relief to self-empowerment, improved energy and mental & and physical fitness.

Business runs & marathons

Every year the StorexWeb team participates in various business runs or marathons. We are fully covering the costs of the registration fees for those colleagues who take part and provide them with a cool t-shirt to represent the team. 

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