How we work

We work on a wide range of software projects, and because we know each one will be unique, we approach each one with an open mind and handle each piece of custom software in a way that best matches the project.

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You'll be placed in touch with a qualified developer from the minute you contact us, and you'll be assured to get helpful guidance and honest comments. We'll note down your requirements right away, and if we can assist, we'll set up an online meeting to better understand what you're looking for. We understand that requirements may vary over time and are prepared to adapt. We also advise all partners to keep the project scope focused on the Minimum Viable Product.


We provide a thorough document outlining our recommended solution and preliminary system designs after receiving your first requirements. 
We will gladly continue to refine our proposal until it fully fits your requirements.


We use agile techniques to develop the app. Our  development process is divided down into numerous iterations; a meeting is held before each step to check needs, and after each, we'll walk you through that section to obtain thorough feedback.
Early feedback and the opportunity to tweak and re-prioritize features are critical to our work style and project success. Because you'll be completely involved in the development process, you can anticipate software solutions that closely fit both the demands of your end customers and your ultimate business goals.


During development, we deploy a version of the system to our staging server unless the project is short. Following that, we deploy the entire code to the staging environment, ready for testing, after each cycle. You'll be given access to the system as a client and encouraged to engage with it as it develops. This guarantees that each and every part of the solution is adequately examined.

Client Testing

We advance to a phase of client testing after all agreed-upon features such as UI/UX are ready. We urge as much testing as possible during this period to verify the solution is fully prepared to go live.


We'll work with you to put the system on the agreed-upon hosting service once it's finished and approved.

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